Special features of Cosmic Lights lighting products

The products of Cosmic Lights Balancing embody a new generation of (cosmic) colour light devices, the special feature of which is immediate colour production.

What does this mean in concrete terms? No frequencies are bundled here, and our innovative technology enables us to deliver a wavelength without emitting UVA-UVB, ultraviolet and infrared components.

Their application spectrum is wide and finds its special application in the field of therapy environment as well as in the wellness and relaxation area.

Cosmic Lights Pyramid

Cosmic Lights Tube

Cosmic Lights Cosmos

Cosmic Lights Pointer

Cosmic Lights Touch

Cosmic Lights Area

Cosmic Lights Globe

Cosmic Lights Multi

Cosmic Lights Screen

In 2 years of development and research work a unique, patented light quality was developed, which produces full-surface colour light of highest purity and brilliance without interference frequencies being recognizable by finely working measuring devices.

The advantage of this new generation is the use of color quality in the narrowly defined nanometer range, which can be used for color balancing. The energies of the cosmic colors impart to us constructive, harmonizing regenerative forces, thus stimulating the vital energy and positively influencing our cells.

Scientific findings, according to which all chemical elements have certain colour frequencies, are generally known and form the basis of current colour therapies.

Since it is known from a physical point of view that oscillations generate resonance, the chemical reaction of an element in our organism can also be generated with corresponding coloured light.

Here the wavelength/frequency of a certain colour achieves a resonance event with the biophotons of a cell/cell group, whereby the effect on the organism can be explained.

As one of the largest organs, the skin is the ideal effective interface for the transmission of information.

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