They cannot compare cosmic colors with any (earthly) color theory, since they correspond to our (invisible) inner archetypes and soul parts. Through them we immediately go into resonance with our „collective unconscious“, a healing way to the holistic perception of our life.

Cosmic colours are created by the octavation of audible planetary vibrations, which are already used effectively and healingly in tuning fork therapy or sound work.

Today we know a great deal about the influence of frequencies on living beings and their well-being and psyche. Above all the current research of epigenetics (cell biology) proves: We are not victims of our hereditary predispositions, but co-creators in every moment of our lives.

The following applies: unhealthy vibrations make us sick in the long run, while healing vibrations promote our health.

Cosmic Lights Balancing wants to help you to feel well and healthy (in your skin and surroundings).

Cosmic Lights Balancing would like to offer you a harmonious and high-quality product range to activate your self-healing powers and your inner healer.

Cosmic Lights Balancing