Cosmic Lights Screen

Today science knows a great deal about the influence of frequencies on living beings and their well-being and psyche. Above all, current research in epigenetics (cell biology) proves this: We are not helpless victims of our genetic predispositions, but co-creators at every moment of our lives.

Because our cells are life-long learning organisms, external impulses can influence our inner „biology“ in a dynamic way.

With the Cosmic Lights Screen you can give the trillions of cells in your body country a healing milieu of cosmic light, in order to contribute to the activation of your self-healing powers and your inner healer.

The surface devices of the Cosmic Lights Screen are currently available in four versions:

All models have USB connection, scan function, audio connection and SD card slot.

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Technical data for the Screen of Cosmic Lights Balancing

  • Input: 100-240V / 50-60Hz /max 5,0A
  • Output: +12V DC / max 5,0A
  • Output Power: max 60W
  • Item no.: 8050, 8051, 8054, 8100
  • Serial No.: VC4001LHOOOOV151200291
  • Production: 30.06.2018

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