Get our entire universe with the cosmic colors of the planets of our solar system in your „good room“!

Cosmic Lights Cosmos with its two beautifully shaped cubes (each 15 x 15 cm, total height 30 cm) positioned on top of each other is a perfectly shaped as well as healing light dispenser. In this flexibly controllable light dispenser, you can combine any planet with any other in cosmic colour flow.

Example: The colour of the SUN of 540 nm in one of the two cubes is shown in combination with MERKUR, VENUS, MOND, MARS, JUPITER, SATURN, URANUS, NEPTUNE or PLUTO in the second cube. Consequently, all 78 conceivable planetary constellations are „illuminated“, thus ensuring that Cosmic Lights Cosmos can unfold its full effect.

By the way: This combination of the 78 possibilities can also be found in spiritual truth systems like Tarot, Symbolon or also the composition of all imaginable correspondences of zodiac signs and ascendant in the birth chart of a human being.
Example: Zodiac signs LEO (= SUN) and Ascendant CANCER (= MOON).

With Cosmic Lights Cosmos you can also permanently adjust the combination of your birth horoscope in order to immerse yourself meditatively in your vibration pattern.

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Technical data of the Cosmos from Cosmic Lights Balancing

  • Input: 100-240V / 50-60Hz /max 1,0A
  • Output: +12V DC / max 2,0A
  • Output Power: max 24W
  • Item No.:7021
  • Serial No.: VC4001LHOOOOV151200291
  • Production: 13.04.2016
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