Function 1: Remote control

The coloured light lamp can display the wavelengths of the planets Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto via the remote control. In addition, the all-encompassing OM. The intensities can be adjusted via the remote control to 50% and 100% light intensity.

Furthermore, three planetary speeds can be set via the remote control, at which the light continuously travels through the entire planetary spectrum from 461 nanometres to 743 nanometres.

At the back of the lamp there is a USB port which I can use to control the lamp with our software.

Function 2: Scan function

For function 2 there are additional connection possibilities on the back side of the lamp: 2x connections for hand applicators.

In order to start the automatic scan function, press the scan button on the remote control. The coloured light lamp then goes into standby mode. The scanning process starts by holding both hand applicators in your hands. The coloured light lamp now sends the 10 planetary vibrations onto our body, 10 seconds each, in order to stimulate the entire body with the planetary vibrations. This creates an action, reaction or emotion in the body, which is then expressed via the skin and removed via the hand applicators. During this scanning process, the three largest energy deficits are determined. As soon as the scanning process is completed, the colour light flashes three times. Now the coloured light automatically sends the three wavelengths of the largest deficits. The largest deficit lasts 10 minutes, the second largest deficit 6 minutes, the third largest deficit 4 minutes for harmonization and energy compensation. The coloured light then switches off automatically.

Function 3: Audio function

Another connection option is via the audio input and audio output. This means that you can connect any playback device to the coloured light lamp via the 3.5 mm jack plug. The coloured light receives the vibration of the respective piece of music from the playback device and then transmits the vibration of the piece of music in nanometres, which are then made visible to the outside via the reflectors. In order to be able to hear the sound of the respective piece of music, I have to use the second 3.5 mm jack plug connection and connect a loudspeaker (loudspeaker not included). So you can convert every piece of music into colour oscillation.

Function 4: SD memory card

There is also an SD memory card slot on the back of the lamp. This SD memory card allows you to play back pre-programmed files directly from the lamp.

Infrared remote control

Legal notice

It should be noted that light and colour therapy does not replace a visit to the doctor.