C.G. Jung (1875-1961) described the timeless concept of archetypes, which was already used in ancient times by Plato or Pythagoras, as the „collective unconscious“. He says: „These patterns function similarly to instincts, but refer to the spiritual life of man. They can be found as structurally universal, formally varying pictorial schemata throughout the world.“

Sounds difficult, but is very easy to understand. Since everything is all in all, all archetypes are present both in the macrocosm universe and in the human microcosm. In Africa, just as in Wuppertal, in Spain as in Novosibirsk. Archetypes are the basic building blocks of all existence everywhere, including human existence.

And beside this collective unconscious there is the individual unconscious, which slumbers in each individual until it is illuminated with consciousness.
The archetypes are named after the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Moon, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the Sun. They only give the archetypes their name, which is purely symbolic.

If we resonate with our archetypes while observing and vibrating the cosmic colours, we activate conscious and above all unconscious parts of our being and our personality at the same time.

Here is a list of the most important characteristics of the different archetypes:



Charisma, expressiveness, warmth of heart, full life, vitality, zest for life



Ease of being, communication, exchange, social competence, reasonable action, interaction, interaction, ability to learn



Harmony, enjoyment, loving attentiveness, the power of (one’s own) love, sensuality, trust, self-responsibility



Soul, feeling, intuition, emotional household, warmth of nest, sensitivity, spiritual rootedness



Power of spring, departure, new beginning, willpower, assertiveness, conquering spirit, activity



Meaningfulness of life, religion, ideological values and potentials, basic trust in creation, inner wisdom, happiness



Clarity, perseverance, structure, order, distinguishing between the essential and the insignificant, common sense



Reversal of polarity, walking new paths, urge to discover, will for freedom, mutual tolerance, originality, idealism



Spirituality, infinity of the cosmos, letting go in humility, compassion, „your will be done“, devotion



Transformation, metamorphosis, courage for change, deep self-knowledge, maturation, development

An inner „going into resonance“ with our archetypes (original principles) can help us not to get lost (anymore) in the outside world:
In relation to the archetype Venus, he may accumulate outside property, matter and real estate, he may make a career and can afford anything you can buy with money.
In short: external abundance as far as the eye can see. And yet inner emptiness can spread, because outer fullness does not protect against inner emptiness. But a healthy inner abundance does!

Far more familiar to us than the original principles (archetypes) are of course the signs of the zodiac. They can be assigned to the original principles.
In the following table we recognize the assignment of the zodiac signs to the respective archetype, whereby to each archetype also a symbol belongs:

The Cosmic Man
Sun Sun Leo Leo
Mercury  Mercury Gemini Gemini | Virgo Virgo
Venus  Venus Taurus  Taurus | Libra Libra
Moon Moon Cancer Cancer
Mars Mars Aries Aries
Jupiter Jupiter Sagittarius Sagittarius
Saturn Saturn Capricorn Capricorn
Uranus Uranus Aquarius Aquarius
Neptune Neptune Pieces Pieces
Pluto Pluto Scorpio Scorpio

If „everything is connected with everything“, „as above-so below“, then it is not surprising that the microcosm of man corresponds to the macrocosm of the universe. And already we are in the analogy to the „Cosmic Man“:

Long before Paracelsus it was known that there were correspondences between planets of the cosmos and organs and body parts of man.

In the following the representation of this Cosmic Man as well as a list, in which also the signs of the zodiac are considered: