Cosmic Lights Area

With the Cosmic Lights Area you can specifically bring cosmic coloured light to those body regions that need healing support. Area stands for area, region or environment.

Using a flexible and easily adjustable gooseneck, you can, for example, control the affected cheek area with the corresponding cosmic colour in the case of toothache. Or muscles or body parts that long for relaxation.

In the therapy environment as well as in the wellness and relaxation area there are innumerable application possibilities for the Cosmic Lights Area to resonate with the healing vibrations of cosmic light to increase your well-being and to activate your self-healing powers.

Cosmic Lights Area brings the effectiveness of the cosmic colours to the „point“ (= 150 mm colour area) that longs for attention. In this he deliberately differs from Cosmic Lights Tube, Pyramid, Globe and Multi, which radiate their cosmic light primarily into the surrounding space.

Cosmic Lights Area has a USB port, scan function, audio port and SD card slot.

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Technical data for the Area of Cosmic Lights Balancing

  • Input: 100-240V / 50-60Hz /max 1,0A
  • Output: +12V DC / max 2,0A
  • Output Power: max 24W
  • Item No.: 8006
  • Serial No.: VC4001LHOOOOV151200291
  • Production: 30.06.2018

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