Thomas Künne

Thomas Künne

Thomas Künne (born 1958, ascendant Scorpio, star sign Pisces) is a consultant in psychosomatic medicine according to Ruediger Dahlke, a consulting astrologer and astrosophist.

After completing his studies in German and fine arts, intensive training in archetypal medicine with Ruediger Dahlke and studies in astrology and astrosophy, the author has published numerous books and essays on complex processes of the inner and outer world.

Thomas Künne runs his own counselling practice in Limburg an der Lahn, where he practices and teaches the art of phonophoresis (vibration as a path), conducts astrological counselling (source of power) and runs the Kompetenz Centrum Schwingung.

Thomas Künne’s all-encompassing knowledge (The Cosmic Network) as well as the methods he developed to activate the inner healer through (audible and visible) planetary frequencies flow into his consultations and trainings.


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Michael Päßler

Michael Päßler

Developers and Technicians

Michael Päßler (born 1961, ascendant lion, zodiac sign twin) is already many decades innovatively active in the development of new process technologies, in the 90’s as an employee in leading function (research and development).

Since 2000 interest in natural history, development of electrical systems for salt crystal luminaires, cooperation with Peter Ferreira (development of a salt brine ionizer and electrosmog-free luminaires with Dipl. Ing. Peter Danell).

From 2006, start of research work and development of today’s VISION-COLOUR brand colour and light products, training as colour and vibration therapist, development of a Bio Signal Tuner with interfaces to Color Tuning 64 software from Bucher GmbH, 2011 patent granted by the European Patent and Trademark Office, 2012 diploma as Master of Conscious Medicine.

From 2016 collaboration with Thomas Künne, joint planning and implementation of the visualization of healing planetary vibrations Cosmic Lights Balancing, conception of the brand Cosmic Lights Balancing.

Michael Päßler lives and develops in Kamen, Westphalia, where the production of Cosmic Lights Balancing („Made in Germany“) is located.

Christina Stägert

Christina Stägert

Systemic Coaching

Christina Stägert (born 1973, Ascendant Cancer, zodiac sign Capricorn) first completed a commercial apprenticeship and then studied business economics. For a long time she held a leading position in middle management.

Her focus in all areas is to identify blockades and to free from stress in order to dive into her own being alive. As a Master Practitioner of Consciousness Medicine and Certified Bucher Coach, she offers personal consciousness expansion in a holistic senseand soul work through linked life studies, systemic family work, Bach flower therapy and systemic therapy with the inner family.

She is responsible for Cosmic Harmony Balancing and Cosmic Light Balancing for the practical use of our products and for user questions. „From practice for practice“.

Christina Stägert runs her own consulting practice in Freudenstadt, the pearl of the Black Forest.

Thomas Pelletier

Thomas Pelletier

Web and print design

Thomas Pelletier (born 1960, star sign Aries, ascendant Taurus) has been involved with the Internet for almost 20 years. After many years in the steel industry, he started his own business in the early 2000s. During this time he got to know Thomas Künne, with whom he is professionally connected through many projects.

He is in charge of the website of Cosmic Lights Balancing and makes sure that it is always up to date.

Thomas Pelletier lives and works in his hometown Saarbrücken.