What are cosmic colors?

What are cosmic colors?2018-11-13T08:33:07+00:00

The difference between „earthly“ and „cosmic“ colors

„Earthly“ colours are subjective, they are shaped by cultural and traditional conventions of communities. Thus they are subject to the individual and subjective perception of individuals or whole groups of peoples. Here is an example: In the West black is the colour for mourning, in the East white, in Egypt yellow.

„Cosmic“ colours, on the other hand, are objective and timeless (from eternity to eternity), independent of human subjective preferences or dislikes. Their nanometer number is calculated from the planetary oscillations, which in turn are calculated from the orbital period of the respective planets around the sun. At the same time (according to C.G.Jung) these embody our collective unconscious, so we enter with cosmic colours directly and immediately into healing contact and resonance with our inner (soul) parts.

Cosmic Colours
Cosmic Colours