Cosmic Lights Globe

Like the fascinating Cosmic Lights Pyramid and Cosmic Lights Tube, the Cosmic Lights Globe impresses with its simple elegance in the field of therapy, wellness and relaxation. Its spherical shape is reminiscent of planets and thus ensures an all-embracing harmony.

And these Cosmic Lights Globes have it all: They have the same inner technique as the Cosmic Lights Pyramids and the Cosmic Lights Tubes, and the symbol of the sphere reminds us of the universe and the „round whole“, the timeless wholeness.

Whether as a radiant eye-catcher in rooms of all kinds (from hotel lobbies and conference rooms to living and regeneration rooms etc.) or in therapy, wellness and relaxation areas: Cosmic Lights Globes bring body, mind and soul into refreshing harmony.

Be inspired by the world of cosmic colours, immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of cosmic light to increase your well-being and activate your self-healing powers.

Cosmic Lights Globe has a USB port, scan function, audio port and SD card slot.

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Technical data for the Globe of Cosmic Lights Balancing

  • Input: 100-240V / 50-60Hz / max 1,0A
  • Output: +12V DC / max 2,0A
  • Output Power: max 24W
  • Item no.: 8030
  • Serial No.: VC4001LHOOOOV151200291
  • Production: 30.06.2018

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