Visible and invisible parts of the human being

We all know our internal organs like liver, kidneys, stomach or lungs. We also know more or less that our habits can influence or damage these organs (such as smoking the lungs, alcohol abuse the liver). Entire branches of industry make a good living by „repairing“ possible health deficits or promising a healthier life.

We are also quite familiar with our external body extremities. This means, for example, our shoulders, arms, hands, legs or feet.

We cannot imagine a life without them at all and do not recognise and appreciate their perfect functioning until they fail or need rest (e.g. after a broken bone).

But what about our (inner) soul parts? Do we really know what does us and our soul good and what harms it? What role do joie de vivre, vitality, compassion, love and self-love, warmth of heart, basic trust, happiness or devotion play in our everyday life? We can be successful on the outside and still feel bad and bad on the inside. Because only when our inner parts of being are in harmony with our outer work do we feel comfortable, we are in our midst. We can see, comprehend and also (evaluate) the exterior, but we cannot see the interior. But we feel it, in every moment of our life.

Because it is always there, even if we repress it, do not want to admit it or put it in the shade.

Speaking of shadows

Inner parts of beings that we do not live lead a shadowy existence, because we do not see them, yes, often enough we ignore them. Their only chance of making a lasting impression is through disgruntlement, blockage or, in the worst case, illness. How can we imagine these inner (spiritual) parts of being? The Swiss psychologist and philosopher C.G. Jung (1875-1961) describes these universally valid and superpersonal factors as timeless archetypes. This layer acts as the „collective unconscious“, like human instincts, so to speak, which can be proven in all cultural circles. We can better understand ourselves and our lives if we resonate with these unconscious parts.

The Cosmic Man

We can expand our consciousness and increase our well-being by sensitizing ourselves to the play of forces symbolized by the respective archetype within us.

These bear the name of planets and embody in detail the following symbolic features of our soul pattern:



Charisma, expressiveness, warmth of heart, full life, vitality, zest for life



Ease of being, communication, exchange, social competence, reasonable action, interaction, interaction, ability to learn



Harmony, enjoyment, loving attentiveness, the power of (one’s own) love, sensuality, trust, self-responsibility



Soul, feeling, intuition, emotional household, warmth of nest, sensitivity, spiritual rootedness



Power of spring, departure, new beginning, willpower, assertiveness, conquering spirit, activity



Meaningfulness of life, religion, ideological values and potentials, basic trust in creation, inner wisdom, happiness



Clarity, perseverance, structure, order, distinguishing between the essential and the insignificant, common sense



Reversal of polarity, walking new paths, urge to discover, will for freedom, mutual tolerance, originality, idealism



Spirituality, infinity of the cosmos, letting go in humility, compassion, „your will be done“, devotion



Transformation, metamorphosis, courage for change, deep self-knowledge, maturation, development

The Tuner of Cosmic Lights Balancing now recognizes in his measurement exactly how it is energetically ordered around every single inner soul part of the client / patient.

Cosmic Lights Tuner

In this example we can read the following energy levels per soul fraction (from a possible 100%):

With the help of this clear evaluation the helpful awareness of the individual soul parts can now be started.


What we are AWARE of can no longer hide in the dark unconscious and hinder or even block our healthy flow of life. BEING CONSCIOUS, on the other hand, counteracts a permanent undersupply.

Further procedure of balancing

First of all, we now illuminate the part of the soul with the lowest energy content of all ten measured, in the present measurement therefore NEPTUNE (with only 3%).

To become conscious, we let clients/patients read the corresponding archetype (either directly on the tuner’s display or in a color printout of the 28-page total evaluation).

As an example we choose the NEPTUNE:

Physical level:
The Neptune energy supports letting go and cleansing (through meridians and the lymphatic system) on a physical level, which helps to maintain the energetic balance (between Yin and Yang parts). It creates the connection between our „lower“ animal, physical part and „upper“ part. In this way it opens up new horizons for us, continues us and leads us out of the narrowness (fear, lat. angustus= narrow).

Level of Soul:
The energy of Neptune helps to uncover all kinds of concealment, self-deception and lies. It balances the tightrope walk between longing and addiction and leads us into our true dreams and visions, activates our creativity, inspiration and imagination. Deficit and lack of self-love and self-responsibility can be exposed as such and thus worked on.

Spiritual level:
The beginning of the Neptune Fish Age was marked by the religious founders such as Buddha or Jesus Christ, who took the suffering of the whole world on his behalf by dying on the cross. From redeemed fish characters speaks the quality of all-encompassing love, selfless and altruistic. Ego structures are released in the certainty that there is no certainty whatsoever. It is the devotion to a higher life, the longing for divine perfection in humility that resonates with us in the Neptune energy.

Physical assignment: toes, feet, arch of the foot, „etheric body“ of the human being

Organs and glands: Pineal gland

Disposition to diseases: all addictions (especially alcohol and drug abuse), all foot diseases, delirium, delusions, hallucinations, tendencies to dissolve (Alzheimer’s, dementia)

Next steps of consciousness

1. The client first reads the detailed explanations of the archetype with the lowest energy level (in this case NEPTUNE).  Special questions on this part of the being additionally lead to resonance:

  • When and where have I been emotionally touched in the recent past?
  • Do I feel more and more often in a hamster cage, in which I have to stamp myself to exhaustion?
  • Do I have to work and perform more and more in order to maintain my current standard of living in the future?
  • How often do I walk in nature and listen to the elements?
  • Do I weigh information that pours into me against its effect or do I feel helpless at the mercy of it?
  • Have I ever thought about helping needy people in charitable institutions on a voluntary basis?
  • Do I have the latent feeling that I am slowly but surely dulling myself?
  • Where is the place that gives me the necessary nest warmth for myself and my life?
  • Do I look with optimism is my future or with fear, mistrust and pessimism?

The meaning of this reading lies primarily in becoming conscious, because this can activate the self-healing powers of the human being in conscious being.

2. Now the client receives exactly the exact dose of wavelengths per archetype, measured before, to help him or her to get into his or her power.

2. The total measured oscillation frequency can also be transferred to a carrier material of your choice (e.g. spray, globules, water etc.).

3. After the harmonization has taken place, a follow-up measurement (see illustration) is carried out and the change of the values is discussed.

Cosmic Lights Tuner

The entire evaluation comprises 28 DIN A 4 pages. This valuable documentation is made available to the client via printout or e-mail. Thus everyone can deal in peace with his measured with his topics and thereby deepen his awareness.

Our recommendation is a measuring cycle of 28 days with weekly appointments.

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The Tuner of COSMIC LIGHTS BALANCING as short info

Today we know quite a lot about the influence of frequencies on living beings and their well-being and psyche. Above all, current research in epigenetics (cell biology) proves this: We are not victims of our hereditary predispositions, but co-creators in every moment of our lives.

The following applies: unhealthy vibrations make us sick in the long run, while healthy vibrations promote our health.

Cosmic Lights Tuner

This tuner measures (as a percentage) exactly how much and which frequency(s) flows in which area of your body. Thus personal resonances and deficits become immediately visible and can be harmonized in the consequence point-exactly by the „harmonious“ oscillation (wavelength). The oscillations used correspond to our archetypal parts of being, they are based on the researched planetary frequencies (according to Hans Cousto) and represent in their entirety the (cosmic) human being. All all-embracing body areas are exactly explained in the tuner with their respective markings, as well as the mental and spiritual level of possible blockades.

Note: Science and orthodox medicine do not recognize the existence of information fields, their medical and other significance in the Cosmic Lights systems and their applications due to lack of scientific evidence in the sense of orthodox medicine.