Cosmic Lights Vibration Mat

Eight body sound transducers integrated into the Cosmic Lights vibration mat create an all-encompassing feeling of being part of something, a deep inner peace and meditative relaxation can spread. The resulting gentle sound wave smoothes moods, helps the body to self-regulate and vitalise itself so that it can face everyday life with renewed vigour and energy.

In contrast to the membrane of a loudspeaker, which would „hammer“ its sound waves into the tissue, so to speak, body sound transducers produce a gentle sound wave that is effective right into the cell structure. All organs and parts of the body are supplied with vitality, the cells communicate with each other by means of pleasant vibrations, the harmonising self-regulation and the (re-)activation of the inner healer can be strengthened.

The pleasant basic vibrations (ten archetypes plus OM) can each be supplemented with your own individual sounds, the intensity of the vibration can be controlled via the user-friendly tuner, as can the volume.

Technical data of the vibration mat from Cosmic Lights Balancing

  • Dimensions: 65 cm x 180 cm
  • Volt: 12
  • Amps: 5 amps
  • CE certification

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