Cosmic Lights Pyramid und Cosmic Lights Tube (both large and small) are also equipped with a so-called Physiological Coupling.

Frequencies with colors

What does this mean and what are the benefits?

On the one hand you are already going into deep resonance with the radiant power of the cosmic colours, on the other hand this „Physiological Coupling“ extends the application spectrum of your Cosmic Lights products enormously, in the therapy environment, in the wellness and relaxation area or for your own conscious being.

In this context, physiological means that when touching the (supplied) high-quality hand applicators, a visual follow-up check takes place, which delivers significant results for further tests and balancing by measuring the skin resistance or scanning the electrodermal activity (EDA).

A total of ten different wavelengths are available, which are successively tested by a cosmic colour light sequence. This sequence runs from close to the sun to far from the sun and thus represents our planetary system (within us): Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

Solar system

Each time a cosmic color lights up, we go into resonance holistically, thereby creating an action, reaction or emotion in the body, which then expresses itself through the skin.

As soon as the scanning process is completed, the coloured light flashes three times.

During this scanning process, the three largest energy deficits are determined. Each cosmic color stands for an archetype (inner part of the soul).

The colour of the largest deficit is sent for 10 minutes, the colour of the second largest for 6 minutes and the colour of the third largest for 4 minutes to harmonise and increase energy.