Cosmic Lights Pyramid

We know about the healing energy of the classic pyramid shape, for some this is even the original key of all life.

Discover the deep secrets of the Cosmic Lights Pyramid, available in two versions (metal base, lacquered, small: 185 mm x 185 mm and large: 320 mm x 320 mm).

Pyramid forces, by the way, are not the imagination of exaggerated esotericists, but produce measurable harmonising effects on humans (e.g. increase in meridian flow). Both Cosmic Lights Pyramids (large and small) correspond exactly to the scale of the wonderful Cheops pyramid.

Let yourself be inspired by the world of cosmic colours in combination with the pyramid energies, go into resonance with this healing energy, so to speak as a „jump lead“, as an impulse from „outside“, and then respond with „inner processes“ to harmonise and increase your well-being.

Cosmic Lights Pyramid has a USB port, scan function, audio port and SD card slot.

Videos on YouTube

Cosmic Light and Pyramid Energy
Cheops Pyramide meets Cosmic Lights
The Magic of the Pyramid and the Flower of Life
In the peace lies the strength
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Technical data of the Pyramid of Cosmic Lights Balancing

  • Input: 100-240V / 50-60Hz /max 1,0A
  • Output: +12V DC / max 2,0A
  • Output Power: max 24W
  • Item No.:7021
  • Serial No.: VC4001LHOOOOV151200291
  • Production: 13.04.2016
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